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Introducing the Tandem TORX XTL430 SD Petrol Brushcutter!

Attention all plot owners and garden enthusiasts! Say hello to your new best friend in garden maintenance—the Tandem TORX XTL430 SD Petrol Brushcutter! Designed for efficiency and precision, this brushcutter is your solution to tackling unruly weeds and overgrown areas with ease.

Specifications for Superior Performance:

Motor: XTL 430SD

Displacement: 43cc

Rated Power: 1.25kW@7000rpm

Garden Size: Plot Owner

Nylon Head: 360mm for Wide Coverage

Dry Weight: 7.9kg for Maneuverability

Features that Set It Apart: 360mm Cutting Width: Cover more ground efficiently.

Bent Shaft Drive with Double Ball Bearings: Ensures smooth operation and durability.

Tap-2-Feed: Easy and convenient line feeding.

Automatic Line Feed Head: No interruptions, just continuous cutting action.

Whether you're taming weeds, cutting back brush, or reclaiming your garden from nature's overgrowth, this brush cutter's powerful motor and well-designed features make the task a breeze. The 360mm cutting width ensures that your work gets done faster, allowing you more time to enjoy your beautifully manicured space. The ergonomic design of the Tandem TORX XTL430 SD Brushcutter ensures comfortable handling, minimizing fatigue during extended use. Its lightweight yet robust construction makes it a reliable companion for all your outdoor clearing needs. Make the most out of your garden space without the hassle. Invest in the Tandem TORX XTL430 SD Petrol Brushcutter and reclaim your garden sanctuary effortlessly! 🌟✂️🌿

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