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Check out the Ultimate Combo Deal: Get a Pacer 2400W Electric Lawnmower + 650W Trimmer with Free Cable from Tandem Lawn Industries!

Pacer 2400W Electric Lawnmower + 650W Trimmer with Free Cable


This is all you need to transform your outdoor space into a pristine paradise? Look no further than the cutting-edge solution brought to you by Tandem Lawn Industries - the Pacer 2400W Electric Lawnmower + 650W Trimmer Combo Deal, complete with a bonus 25m cable! This unbeatable bundle is designed to take the hassle out of lawn maintenance, leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy your beautiful garden.


Let's delve into the specifications of this dynamic duo:

🔹 Power: 2400W

🔹 Recommended use: Large Gardens

🔹 Mow Area: 1600m²

🔹 Height Settings: 11

🔹 Cut Width: 460mm

🔹 Grass Box: 48l


Now, let's explore why this combo deal is a game-changer for homeowners everywhere:

Power and Efficiency: The Pacer 2400W Electric Lawnmower packs a punch with its robust motor, effortlessly tackling even the most overgrown lawns with ease. With 11 height settings and a generous 460mm cut width, this mower provides precise and efficient results every time.


Versatility and Precision: The included 650W Trimmer is the perfect companion for keeping your lawn edges neat and tidy. Its lightweight design and ergonomic handle make it easy to manoeuvre, allowing you to achieve professional-looking results along borders, flower beds, and pathways.


Bonus Cable Included: Forget about struggling with tangled cords or limited reach! With the bonus 25m cable included in this combo deal, you'll have plenty of flexibility to move both the lawnmower and trimmer around your yard without any constraints.


Convenient Grass Collection: Say goodbye to messy lawn clippings scattered across your yard! The Pacer 2400W Electric Lawnmower features a spacious 48l grass box, allowing you to mow larger areas without the hassle of frequent emptying.


Peace of Mind Warranty: Rest assured knowing that your investment is protected by Tandem Lawn Industries' comprehensive warranty. We stand behind the quality and durability of our products, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.


In conclusion, the Pacer 2400W Electric Lawnmower + 650W Trimmer Combo Deal from Tandem Lawn Industries offers unmatched convenience, performance, and value. Say goodbye to the stress of lawn maintenance and hello to a lush, green oasis right in your backyard!

Tandem Lawn Industries


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