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Getting back into garden work

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

The idea of staying at home for the duration of lockdown at first seemed like a great Idea. Sitting at home writing a few emails, taking a call now and then. What a pleasure, I thought to myself. All the time in the world so best be getting back back into garden work

Getting back into garden work

Lockdown Begins

I eagerly set up a little office for me and my wife on the dining room table, that by now had started to resemble a command and control center with all the laptops, desktops and monitors spread out before me. As I stood back and admired my handywork, I couldn't help but feel a sense of I am ready for the next 21 days. What excited me most however was that I was also going to see something I had never seen before, and that was my Wife at work. We all know what our spouses do for a profession, but how many of us really know what our other half actually does day to day at the office?

Day 1

Within the first three hours of working from home every single illusion of excitement I had felt the previous day had been shattered and replaced with a feeling of dread and fear for the next 21 days. It turns out I am married to wonder woman, and boy does she like to use that whip of hers. I felt their pain but at the same time was glad it was them not me. By Lunch time I had i had to get some fresh air, and found myself walking in the back yard.

It was not the soothing and calming experience as it should have been, because before me my garden looked like that garden. You know what garden I am talking about. Every road has one. Without fail. That garden, the one that never gets cut and is so long you have to wade through it. Not having the gardener round for the last two weeks, had left my lawn in a state. It reminded me a bit of donald Trumps hair, all over the place. Action had to be taken, and so with time on my hands I promised myself that the weekend would be spent on my garden. but overall getting back into garden work was great.

Getting back into garden work

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Jul 18, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I feel the writers pain! Luckily Tandem offers a myriad of solutions. Where gardening and solutions meet.

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