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Introducing the Ratel Torx VX225 Petrol Lawnmower from Tandem, your cutting edge partner.

Looking for a robust lawnmower to tackle the expanse of your garden? South Africa's leading lawnmower manufacturer, Tandem, presents the Ratel Torx VX225 Petrol Lawnmower, a powerhouse designed to cater to the needs of large gardens.

Ratel Torx VX225 Petrol Lawnmower

Key Features:

Engine: Equipped with a VX225 engine boasting a displacement of 225cc, providing reliable power.

Chassis: Crafted from sturdy steel, ensuring durability and longevity.

Cut Width: A substantial 460mm width to efficiently cover larger areas in each pass.

Blade: Featuring a 3 Blade Disc for precise and effective cutting.

Wheels: Heavy-duty wheels (210mm) built for navigating various terrains with ease.

Grass Box: A 48-liter grass box to minimize interruptions, allowing for extended mowing sessions.

Bearings: Enhanced with twin rubber sealed bearings for smooth and efficient operation.

Recommended Use: Ideal for maintaining expansive gardens, the Ratel VX225 is tailor-made for those seeking a reliable, powerful lawnmower.

Ratel Torx VX225 Petrol Lawnmower
11 Height settings


Backed by Tandem's commitment to quality, this lawnmower comes with a warranty ensuring peace of mind with your purchase. Built by Tandem, Africa's largest lawnmower manufacturer with a network of over 100 outlets nationwide, this lawnmower stands as a testament to their expertise and dedication to crafting top-notch gardening equipment.

Ratel Torx VX225 Petrol Lawnmower
Large 48L Grassbox

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a homeowner seeking a robust lawnmower for a sizable yard, the Ratel Torx VX225 Petrol Lawnmower embodies reliability, power, and efficiency. Conquer your lawn maintenance tasks with confidence using this impressive piece of equipment!

Are you considering the Ratel Torx VX225 for your garden? What features are you looking for in a lawnmower?

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