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Keep your yard in check with the Tandem XTL430 AV Petrol Brushcutter!

Updated: Jun 19

Tandem XTL430 AV Petrol Brush Cutter

Are you ready to tackle your garden with precision and power? Check out the Tandem XTL430 AV Petrol Brushcutter, your ultimate companion for maintaining a pristine lawn or plot. Packed with features designed to make your gardening experience effortless and efficient, this brush cutter is set to become your favorite outdoor tool.

  • Model: XTL 430AV

  • Displacement: 43cc

  • Garden size: Ideal for plot owners

  • Nylon head: 360mm

  • Anti-vibration system: Yes, ensuring comfort during operation

  • Dry weight: 8.6kg, for easy handling and maneuverability

  • Rated power: 1.25kW @ 7000rpm, providing robust performance

Whether you're trimming edges, clearing thick brush, or maintaining overgrown areas, the TANDEM XTL430 AV is engineered to deliver consistent results with minimal effort. Its anti-vibration technology reduces fatigue, allowing you to work for longer periods without strain.

Tandem XTL430 AV Petrol Brush Cutter

Why Choose the TANDEM XTL430 AV?

  • Powerful Performance: With a 43cc engine and 1.25kW of power, it effortlessly cuts through tough vegetation.

  • Comfortable Operation: The anti-vibration system ensures a smooth experience, even during extended use.

  • Durable Build: Designed to withstand rigorous use and tough conditions in outdoor environments.

  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a variety of tasks from simple lawn edging to clearing thick underbrush.

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, the TANDEM XTL430 AV is designed to meet your needs. Its ergonomic design and powerful performance make it a must-have tool in your gardening arsenal.

Transform your garden maintenance routine with the TANDEM XTL430 AV Petrol Brush Cutter. Visit our store and make this powerful tool yours today!

What do you use at home?

  • Edge Trimmer

  • Brushcutter

  • Both

Tandem XTL430 AV Petrol Brush Cutter

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