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Looking for a powerhouse lawnmower that's up to the task for your medium garden sizes?

🌱 Introducing the Polo Torx VX160 Petrol Lawnmower - Ideal for Medium Gardens!

Looking to keep your medium-sized garden in tip-top shape? The Polo Torx VX160 Petrol Lawnmower is the perfect companion for the job. With its reliable performance and user-friendly features, maintaining your garden has never been easier.

 Polo Torx VX160 Petrol Lawnmower

🛠️ Specifications:

  • Model: Torx VX160

  • Recommended use: Medium Garden

  • Mow Area: Up to 1600 square meters

  • Engine: Powerful 159cc engine

  • Height Settings: Offers 6 adjustable height settings for precise cutting

  • Cutting Width: Generous 460mm cutting width for efficient mowing

  • Blade: Equipped with a sturdy bar blade for consistent performance

  • Wheel Size: Front wheels measure 210mm, rear wheels measure 165mm, providing stability and maneuverability.

  • Chassis: Durable steel construction for long-lasting use

🌾 Designed for Efficiency:

The Polo Torx VX160 is engineered to make your lawn care tasks hassle-free. With a wide cutting width and multiple height settings, you can achieve a clean and uniform cut across your garden.

🌿 Powerful and Reliable Engine:

The 159cc engine provides ample power to tackle various types of grass and terrains, ensuring a smooth and efficient mowing experience.

🛡️ Peace of Mind Warranty:

Rest assured knowing that your investment is protected by our warranty, giving you peace of mind for seasons to come.

💰 Affordable Excellence:

The Polo Torx VX160 offers exceptional value for a quality lawnmower designed for medium-sized gardens.

Proudly made in South Africa by Tandem, your cutting-edge partner.

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