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Never Be in the Dark Again with the TORX 2.8kVA Generator - Your Ultimate Load Shedding Solution!

Load shedding might leave you in the dark, but fear not! Introducing the TORX 2.8kVA Generator, your dependable companion that's ready to power up your home when the lights go out. Say goodbye to inconveniences and hello to uninterrupted comfort with this reliable generator by your side. The built in trolley makes moving the generator around a breeze.

TORX 2.8kVA Generator

Power When You Need It

With the TORX 2.8kVA Generator, you're armed with a robust 2.8 kVA of power to keep your essential appliances and devices running smoothly during load shedding. No more interruptions to your work, entertainment, or daily routines – this generator ensures that your home remains a hub of activity even when the grid goes down.

Home Sweet Home, Powered

Designed with homes in mind, this generator is your silent guardian against load shedding's disruptions. Whether you're enjoying family time, working from home, or simply catching up on your favourite shows, the TORX 2.8kVA Generator ensures that your home remains a sanctuary of comfort and convenience.

Engineered for Reliability

Equipped with an Air Blast Cooling system, 4 Stroke OHV engine, and a sturdy horizontal shaft, the TORX 2.8kVA Generator is built to withstand the demands of extended operation. With a displacement of 208cc, this powerhouse delivers consistent performance when you need it the most.


  • Model: 2.8 kVA

  • Electric Start 17OF (E): 2

  • Engine: 4 Stroke OHV, 25 Single Cylinder, Horizontal shaft

  • Displacement: 208cc

  • Max. Output: 3.0KVa

  • Max Power & Corresponding Speed: 4.0/3600

  • Ignition System: Inductive Contactless Transistorised Coil

  • Start Mode: Recoil & Electric Start

  • Running Time @ 50% Loading (H): 11

Peace of Mind Warranty

Your investment in the TORX 2.8kVA Generator comes with the assurance of a warranty, reflecting the confidence we have in its durability and performance. Your home's comfort and convenience are our top priorities.

Get Yours Today Don't let load shedding disrupt your life any longer. The TORX 2.8kVA Generator is here to save the day, ensuring that your home remains a well-lit and fully functional oasis during power outages. Take charge, find one of our outlets near you and experience uninterrupted living now!

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21 ago 2023

Could you perhaps include a chart to show what appliances it could handle, simultaneously

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