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The Prima 1300W Electric Lawnmower

The ultimate companion for small garden owners seeking efficiency, reliability, and enhanced safety features in their lawn maintenance routine.

Tandem, Prima 1300W Electric Lawnmower

Efficient Powerhouse:

Powered by a robust 1300W engine, this lawnmower is designed to effortlessly tackle small garden spaces, ensuring a precise and consistent cut every time.

Convenience Redefined:

Equipped with a 38L grass box and a cutting width of 380mm, the Prima lawnmower offers ample capacity and efficiency, minimizing the need for frequent emptying and maximizing your mowing time.

Tandem, Prima 1300W Electric Lawnmower

Robust and Reliable Build:

Crafted with a steel chassis and bar blades, this mower guarantees durability and long-lasting performance. The blade type ensures a clean and precise cut, maintaining the neatness of your lawn effortlessly.

Safety at the Forefront:

One standout feature is the built-in safety brake, offering peace of mind to users. The child safety brake brings the blades to a complete standstill in under 3 seconds, ensuring maximum safety in case of unexpected interruptions or emergencies. Additionally, the child-safe power on/off switch further enhances safety measures.

Tandem, Prima 1300W Electric Lawnmower

No Grass Left Behind:

Thanks to the Aerovac Vacuum system, this lawnmower leaves no cut grass behind, providing a tidy and manicured finish to your lawn with each pass.

User-Friendly Design:

4 x 165mm diameter wheels, maneuverability becomes effortless, allowing you to navigate around obstacles with ease and precision.

Warranty and Reliability:

Backed by a warranty, the Prima 1300W Electric Lawnmower offers both reliability and assurance, ensuring your investment is protected.

Experience the ease, precision, and safety features of the Prima 1300W Electric Lawnmower. Transform your lawn maintenance routine into a hassle-free and safe experience. Add this efficient tool to your cart and witness the difference it makes in keeping your garden in top shape.


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