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Say Goodbye to Load Shedding with the Torx 8kVA Generator!

This Powerful Torx 8kVA Generator will keep everything up when Eskom let's you down.

Tired of being left in the dark during load shedding? Look no further than the TORX 8kVA Generator, your ultimate solution to power outages. With its impressive features and reliable performance, this generator is here to ensure your lights stay on and your appliances keep running even when the grid fails you.

Torx 8kVA Generator
Torx 8kVA Generator

High Power Output

The TORX 8kVA Generator boasts a robust 8kVA power output, providing you with ample electricity to keep your essential appliances and devices running smoothly. No more worrying about your refrigerator, lights, or other crucial equipment going offline during load shedding.

Dual Start Mode

Whether you prefer convenience or backup options, this generator has you covered. You can kickstart it effortlessly with the electric start feature, or rely on the traditional recoil start method when needed. This versatility ensures you can quickly get your power supply up and running.

Efficient Cooling

Designed with air blast cooling, the 4-stroke OHV engine maintains optimal operating temperature even during extended use. This not only enhances the generator's lifespan but also ensures consistent and reliable performance, no matter the duration of load shedding.

Durable Build

The TORX 8kVA Generator is built to last. Its sturdy single-cylinder, horizontal shaft design, along with a 420cc displacement engine, guarantees longevity and rugged durability. You can trust this generator to weather through various conditions and provide power when you need it most.

Inductive Ignition System

The inductive contactless transistorized coil ensures smooth ignition every time, adding an extra layer of reliability to your power source. Say goodbye to frustration caused by unreliable starts, and enjoy consistent power delivery.


  • Model: 8kVA

  • Electric Start 19OF (E): 2

  • Cooling: Air Blast Cooling, 4 Stroke OHV, 25 Single Cylinder, Horizontal Shaft

  • Displacement: 420cc

  • Max. Output: 8kVA

  • Max Power & Corresponding Speed: 8.0/3600

  • Ignition System: Inductive Contactless Transistorised Coil

  • Start Mode: Recoil & Electric Start

Don't let load shedding disrupt your life any longer. Invest in the Torx 8kVA Generator and take control of your power supply. With its high power output, dual start mode, efficient cooling, and durable build, this generator is your ultimate defense against power outages. Say hello to uninterrupted electricity and peace of mind. Get yours today and bid farewell to load shedding worries once and for all!

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