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Established in 1990 Tandem are the largest lawnmower manufacturer in SA incorporating years of engineering expertise along with a commitment to production excellence, innovation and sensible ideas. Join the Tandem family.


What's in the box:

1x Generator
1x Manual

TORX 12000EC CANOPY (12000W)

  • Model: 12 000 EC
  • Starting System: Electrical Starting
  • Alternator Material: 100% CU
  • Displacement: 679cc
  • Rated Power: 10Kw
  • Max Output: 11Kw
  • Running Time @ 50% Loading: 8 Hours
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 27L
  • Noise DB (A): 73/76
  • Net Weight: 238kg
  • Engine Type: OVH, Air Cooling, 4- Stroke
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