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Experience for yourself, the pride of local craftsmanship! Tandem, your cutting-edge partner, is redefining the landscape of South African innovation with the MBUZI TORX VX225 PETROL LAWNMOWER, a testament to precision engineering and rugged reliability.

Built for the demands of industrial and commercial use, this powerhouse of a lawnmower boasts a Torx VX225 engine, harnessing 224cc of pure power and delivering an impressive 4.2 Kw. Its robust steel chassis and 520mm cut width make quick work of any lawn, ensuring a pristine finish every time.

The MBUZI TORX VX225 doesn’t just promise performance; it delivers it. Sporting a 2-blade disc system, this mower means business. The heavy-duty wheels and twin rubber-sealed bearings ensure smooth maneuverability and durability even in the toughest terrains.

With its locking pins securing the wheels in place, you'll have unmatched control and stability while navigating through diverse landscapes. This isn’t just a lawnmower; it’s a partner that ensures efficiency and ease in your lawn maintenance endeavors.

What truly sets this mower apart is its "Made in South Africa" badge. Tandem takes great pride in boosting local production, contributing to the country's economy, and showcasing the world-class quality synonymous with South African craftsmanship.

The MBUZI TORX VX225 PETROL LAWNMOWER isn’t just a machine; it’s a commitment to excellence, a symbol of Tandem's dedication to providing superior products designed to elevate and empower local industries.

Join the movement towards locally crafted brilliance with Tandem's MBUZI TORX VX225 PETROL LAWNMOWER. Embrace efficiency, reliability, and support local innovation—all in one magnificent machine!

Would you like to know more about the MBUZI TORX VX225 PETROL LAWNMOWER, click the link below for more information and pricing.


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